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Research papers

Freedom For All Faiths?

What Was the Founding Fathers Purpose in the First Amendment?

 The First Amendment is a pivotal part of the United States of America that has been a shining light to other countries heading into democracy. Many countries boggle at the fact that our press has so much leeway, that people can say anything they want, and assemble to protest against the government if they disagree. What about the free exercise clause, what did the founding fathers intend? Were other religions protected, such as Jews or Muslims? The purpose of this research is to look at the writings of the men who wrote the constitution and the amendments to get a better idea of the intention of free exercise.

To Fusion and Beyond: The Influence of Immigrant Cultures on Houston as a Leader in Modern Cuisine

Houston, Texas is the fourth largest city in the United States and in the past 10 years, it has received notice of the nation’s food literati. Where once people would gush about restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago as some of the best in the world, Houston is now in the discussion with a strong dose of ethnic and mixed cultural themes in the cuisine. What influence does the immigrant culture of Houston have on the diverse food scene now being notices? Chris Shepherd, award-winning chef and owner of Underbelly, wrote an article entitled “Houston Diversity is What Makes Its Food Scene Incredible,” but this was just an opening call with no follow-through about the reasons this is true. Using this article as a starting point, using immigration statistics, historic documents, personal recollections of those that lived in Houston, and national food trends, Houston emerges as a trendsetter due to its immense diversity and culture. This has led the world in general and the nation specifically, to take a closer look at the dynamic food scene in Houston. This celebration of Houston cuisine is a tribute to all its immigrant contributors and innovators.

Dollars and Coffee:

An analysis of Dollar Diplomacy and Colombian Coffee

Alien Resurrection: An Analysis of An American Western, French Style

Leadership in Context:

An Analysis of George Washington’s Leadership

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