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Ancient Structure

I am currently earning my Bachelor of Arts in History with the intent of pursuing my Ph.D. in History to become a professor. I am an avid fan of history from a young age and at a later age became a true student of it. Sparked long ago by a book by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander, my interest in history kindled when I was curious about the reality of the world in which she placed her characters. Deciding to return to school to pursue history came after being a stay at home mother for over thirteen years. This began by reintroducing myself back to the academic world through my community college. There I developed my love of research and writing in the Honors program there. This experience led me to my desire to become a professor. I am now working on my history BA and interested in the early modern period focusing on the dynamic Transatlantic world, which exhibited connections across Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The study of the development of such diverse cultural richness is enhanced by my minors in Classical Studies and Jewish Studies. After my BA, I hope to attend Rice University for my Ph.D. in History. The two honor societies I am part of, Phi Alpha Theta and Phi Beta Delta, speak to my commitment to history and interdisciplinary studies. My enrollment in the Honors College speaks to my dedication to learning and the pursuit of higher knowledge.

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